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A New Website for Glance Creative

Glance Creative needed a new website!  During two weeks I led my team through the whole project, planning my two teammates’ work, organising catch ups and feedback sessions, making sure everyone knew what to do. 

We did the research and objective setting phases all together. I was personally in charge of the art direction as well as the full homepage UI.

Our research board

The UI Research

An extract of the art direction

We needed to make the new website fresh, clear and informative. For the art direction, I chose exploded views for the info structure, diagonal background for the dynamism and doted grids as a visual identity throughout the pages.

An extract of the UI KIT

The dots and facets became rapidly the website visual signature. I also chose a Serif for the long text blocs because: 1. I love serif fonts, 2. it’s so much easier to read 3. Roboto and Source Serif Pro are made for each other.  

The hero design research

While designing the hero, one of the objectives was to get rid of the arrow icon encourage users to scroll down to see the rest of the homepage. We realised that the most effective solution was the smartphone being cut by the page edge: This was a real incentive for people to scroll down, without any icon or text. 

The Homepage

While the website is being developed, here is a glimpse of the homepage design. The copy is still to be worked on.


End-of-page bonus: the business cards that I also designed for Glance.


I genuinely think that so far this project is very successful, from a design as well as a team work point of view. We were able to deliver high quality research findings as well as UX and UI design in less than two weeks.

From a personal perspective, leading my team through this project was extremely rewarding for me. The communication within the design team was excellent, and we were able to organise ourselves efficiently to give the best of ourselves.


My Teammates

Jaspreet Suri

UX/UI Designer

Her website →

Ariana Ocampo

Junior UX/UI Designer

Her website